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Sex Show! Choose Your Own Adventure! Sexy Snapchat Saturday - March 25th 20

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Choose Your Own Sex Adventure!

It seemed we were never going to make it to Vegas., Suggest description for this tag.

This weekend, I found a book at the second-hand bookstore they always have underneath the bridge on the South Bank, right outside the BFI. WTF, book?! I wanted to choose my OWN adventure!

So you're a kid and you're on your way to visit your uncle, when suddenly you find yourself trapped in a mysterious, time-traveling cave. Or abducted by aliens. Or headed directly for the bottom of the sea.

A threesome, sex with a stranger or work on a porn film: the choice will be yours, as HarperCollins prepares to launch an erotic version of the Choose Your Own Adventure books which were wildly popular in the s. This time, though, rather than pretending to be a deep-sea explorer searching for the lost city of Atlantis, or a space traveller born on a spaceship travelling between galaxies, "you" are a woman who has been stood up in a swish hotel bar. When a stranger mistakes you for a high-class escort, slips you an envelope full of cash and invites you to his room, the first of many choices begins. Follow Your Fantasy , which will be out just in time for Valentine's Day from the publisher's digital romance imprint HarperImpulse, is written by the pseudonymous Nicola Jane, and is pitched as "a new type of erotica which gives the power back to the reader". There are 44 chapters, said HarperCollins, 22 of which "include hot sex of some kind, 18 advance the story and only four take the reader out with no action, leaving them free to go back and choose again". Erotic adventures could include "enticing two young men into a memorable threesome", "dinner with a stressed-out executive involv[ing] more than food on the table", or a visit to a porn set. Jane writes textbooks and journalism under another name.


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    Erotic Choose-Your-Own-Adventure – @unfortunatalie

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    'Interactive novel' invites readers to Choose-Your-Own sex adventure | Books | The Guardian

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    I couldn't even put my window down on my own accord. John had to do it from his side. I couldn't bare the heat for another minute, so I.

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