Ruby taiwan roommate


ruby taiwan roommate

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Ruby, a school teacher from Connecticut in the US, went abroad with a group of fellow educators. Hassan happened to be one of the lucky ambassadors that showed the group around. And, as we now know, Hassan and Ruby soon sparked their connection over dinner and mint tea!
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This also marks the last episode of S1. - August 18,

I was seriously miserable and felt like I was going nowhere. I was talking with a roommate of mine who was a Drupal developer about our love of logic puzzles and he mentioned that if I liked that sort of thing, I might like coding. He also mentioned that people seemed desperate to hire developers and that he was constantly being recruited which sounded nice. I went straight to the Ruby course and found that it was way harder. After going to a local ruby meetup and getting a lot of encouragement I got back to the Ruby course and finished it over the next two months. Around that time, I posted on the board for a local Ruby meetup asking if anyone would be interested in giving me a full time unpaid apprentice position as a Ruby Developer.

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