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One of the skills that science students are likely to be encouraged to develop is the use of LaTeX., Free Porn Videos 2.

The lovely DutchDame in a concerthall/ bar where I love to be here in Utrecht. Playing with the stage light and behind the bar in latex.
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This bus is full of people going to a party at a club here called The Chambers, after spending the day at the Hyatt Regency for "FetishCon," an annual convention that is part trade show, part classroom, part nighttime scene for fetish aficionados and the merely curious. In a little while, some of the several hundred people in attendance will be chained to large steel Xs and flogged with leather cat-o-nine tails. Men will crawl on all fours and lick the feet of the women who brought them.

The LaTeX fetish (Or: Donít write in LaTeX! Itís just for typesetting)

A rubber latex fetish is a sexual preference or desire for rubber latex items, usually apparel and accessories. People with rubber latex fetishes may want to wear rubber latex themselves, be attracted to others that wear rubber latex pieces, or both. People with rubber latex fetishes are known as rubberists or, in the case of homosexual males, rubbermen. A rubber latex fetish is closely related to a PVC fetish, as both fetishes concern an attraction to tight, glossy materials. However, latex rubber is usually thicker and less glossy than PVC. Rubber latex fetishists are attracted to rubber latex apparel because it is worn tightly against the skin to show off the body.

Today I stumbled over a tweet mentioning an article where the author discusses reasons not to use LaTeX as an author :. I never came across a more elaborated LaTeX critique which came to totally different conclusions I came to. The author of the blog article derived perfectly clear that LaTeX source is not optimized for reading. While this is absolutely true but misses the point totally in my opinion. What I want to see is all my notes which are not part of the result. Further more, I do want to see for example reference definitions I am comfortably with and not the reference format of the end result which is totally irrelevant in the writing phase. For example, when I choose to name a book reference "ProfJohnsPhD" instead of the not very specific "Johns", please let me see the definition I am comfortable with: this is the PhD thesis of Professor John and not something I would like to mix up like a paper of him from the same year.


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