Dating former teacher

I'm a teacher who went too far with a former student

dating former teacher
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Can You Date Your High School Teacher After Graduation?

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Two of my former high school teachers married former students. One of those teachers was married and had a young child, but she cheated on her husband with a year-old student in her class. Is it acceptable for a high school teacher to date a student once the student graduates.
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This is incredibly difficult to place down into words because of the shameful nature of what I have done. Following the graduation of one of my students, who is 18 years old, we began seeing each other socially. Within about a month, this led to an admission of attraction, and eventually, we acted on this attraction.

Should a teacher date a former student?

A student and teacher have a relationship. This is one of the greatest fantasies that every high school student has. We all wondered sometimes about how it would be to date your teacher after high school, and is it legal. Can such relationships succeed, and for how long? There is also a question how long should we wait for it to be publicly acceptable? I will try to answer that question with my own experience. Can you date your high school teacher after you graduate?


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    Teachers are one of the chief influences during a person's formative years. Very often they leave deep imprints of their knowledge, humanity and tolerance on.

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