Rational approach to dating

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rational approach to dating
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Should love be rational?

Also see: Polyhacking., Why do you love me?

Love Advice From a Beautiful Mind -- 5 Rational Dating Strategies

An investigation of the beauty-and-goodness stereotype on film. Basic and Applied Have Psychology,.

Here we have what I categorize as primarily a virtue signaling profile. The problem is that virtue signalling actually makes you less appealing, even subconsciously to people who would otherwise agree with you. Now, if we were talking about actual virtues honesty, integrity, rationality, etc. But with virtue signalers, it always seems to come down to two things — politics and feminism. Guess how appealing those topics are to most people?

Rest In Peace, John Nash, hero of the movie 'A Beautiful Mind' and of many an economics student's a-ha experiences, who died end of last month.


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