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That Dick Was Way Too Much for Her

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In Greek mythology, Priapus—the well-endowed god of fertility—was thrust off Mount Olympus, strongly disliked by other gods for his extra-large, permanently erect penis and foul-mindedness. - When big cock drills too deep 2.

The Reality of Having a Large Penis, From People Who Know

Guys are very enamored by the size of their penises. I'd go as far as to say men care about this facet more than women do. But there's a reason for this: We've been pressured to think we're not big enough.
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After every sexual escapade my friends and I enjoyed in college, we'd ask each other one very big, important question: "Was he packing the heat? It's almost comical to think having a big penis equates to good sex, because, honestly -- and this is something I wish I could scream at my early something self -- that's just total bullshit. Because those are still great. But it does mean how you use it will almost always trump size. And sometimes too big can be, well, a problem.

The 8 inches are kind of good too. The 9 inches are a little too much…for me. With a 5-inch, it is okay, but it all depends on how guys handle their dicks! It hurts really bad when it bottoms out. I had sex with my brother-in-law once and it hurt so bad when he went all the way in. It makes oral sex so much easier.


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