Ass to the wall

nail his hide to the wall

ass to the wall
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Giant Barbara Forcing Her Slave To Smell Farts & Lick Enormous Ass

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when a person's buttocks, usually a female's, does not curve at all. the ass Oh man, I put my hands down that chick's pants and it was total wall ass for miles.
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The Meaning Behind the BAD ASS Wall

"To nail one's hide" or "to nail one's ass" are used to mean catching a person doing The "to the wall" is just an intensifier, prompted by "to nail".
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And sometimes we need a kick in the ass to make that happen! I had been making a nice six-figure corporate salary with five-figure bonuses and a fat benefits plan. But I was tired of corporate America and ready to embrace freedom and entrepreneurship. I walked out the office building for the last time on June 12, , and never looked back. I was determined to work for myself. I floundered for over a year.

This is a guest post by Jonah Campbell, who writes still crapulent one of only two food blogs that I follow the other being Edible Geography. The nature and substance of this interface is a pivotal component of our understanding of the cyborg. We can come back to that. This question of the nature of the interface is a practical, as well as conceptual, consideration. What -is- the relationship between the robotic endoskeleton and its fleshy exterior? What is that flesh? Does the machine have any interest in keeping it alive, outside of the practical considerations of time travel and camouflage?


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    President Trump has had such a tough time making progress with the construction of his long-promised border wall that the project is now starting to crumble, in a metaphorical sense.

  2. Max C. says:

    Sleeping with your ass against the wall to prevent penetration from any unwanted entry into your anus.

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