Stan and francine sex

Francine Smith

stan and francine sex
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From American Dad, Season 1 Episode Used for entertainment purposes only. Family Guy Get season 2 on YouTube.
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The Missing Kink

She is the wife of the title character Stan Smith and the mother of Hayley and Steve., When Steve asks to spend the weekend out with Barry and his folks, Stan and Francine turn him down based on all the stories they've heard over the years.

American Dad - Stan and Francine decide to have lesbian sex.
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Stan & Francine & Connie & Ted

When a Stan Loves a Woman Francine divorces Stan so he can have meaningless sex and he falls in love., Let me just say that in this episode, within seven minutes Roger has played three different personae, two of which are named Potato Monticello and Rusty Buntifolio.

When a Stan Loves a Woman

In the episode, unsatisfied with missionary sex, Francine finds out she has a spanking fetish when Stan tries to punish Steve. Meanwhile, Hayley tries to move on from Jeff being sent into outer space and agrees to go out on a date with Snot. After the usual missionary position sex, Francine admits being bored and suggests some variations but Stan insists it is the natural way to have sex. Steve angers Stan at breakfast and receives a spanking. Francine objects and Stan demonstrates for her how he spanks to prove it does no lasting harm, but Francine finds it turns her on. Chatting with Roger, Francine asks how to approach Stan with her turn-on and Roger suggests she trick him. She uses an argument between Steve and Klaus as a pretense to get Stan to spank her again and agrees to take all of his spankings in the future resulting in a montage of incidents.



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