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Jenny Shima, Actress / Singer / Model

melissa and shima
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Shima Luan, is an American YouTuber who works for Danger Dolan, a countdown list Australian YouTube channel. She also collides with Hellbent and Melissa, who also work for Planet Dolan. In common Super Planet Dolan videos, Shima points out true facts while Dolan points out false.
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Shima Luan

Shima 0 comments In August of , Melissa was inspired to do something that would allow her to feel a sense of happiness. She knew being in a military environment would feel most like home since she grew up as an Air Force Brat. The child of an active-duty military personnel. Melissa remembered the stresses that being in a military family had and this gave her an opportunity to find a way to give back to the whole family, active duty and retired.

She is the second master of Planet Dolan. She also collides with Hellbent and Melissa, who also work for Planet Dolan. Shima does not reveal her face, but instead has a pink feline cat as her avatar. Super Planet Dolan is the animation channel of Planet Dolan. It currently has 5. Shima is the most active character on the channel.


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    Jenny Shima, Actress / Singer / Model Melissa J. Dixon

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