Master roshi and chi chi

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master roshi and chi chi
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After arriving at Kame House, Goku and Chi-Chi see Master Roshi. When Goku introduces Chi-Chi to Master Roshi, he makes a comment saying that he would.
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The Kamehameha Wave

Master Roshi is bald, with a thick van dyke beard and wears sunglasses, which he is almost never seen without. He wears beach clothes or martial arts suits, wields a walking stick, and during the earlier stages of the series, a turtle shell on his back. Unassuming yet wily, and physically frail at first glance, Master Roshi is depicted as a mighty warrior who constantly defies expectations in spite of his advanced age.

Master Roshi (????, Muten Roshi), also known as the "Turtle Hermit", is an ancient, A few days later, Goku returned with the Ox-King's daughter Chi-Chi to .
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Haven't won. - Goku and Chi-Chi finally make it to the Kame House.

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This chapter does not feature a cover page, but a two-page artwork, which was later included in the Akira Toriyama - The World and Akira Toriyama - The World Special artbooks, was featured in the Shonen Jump in which this chapter premiered. The magic fan that can raise a typhoon with a single wave, a thunderstorm with two and a monsoon with three?! When Goku introduces Chi-Chi to Master Roshi, he makes a comment saying that he would have preferred Bulma to have come with him instead because her breasts were bigger and that the name Chi-Chi was more appropriate for her. Chi-Chi who seems to not believe that he was not Master Roshi decides to take the blade out of her helmet and throw it at Roshi saying that if he can dodge it that it must really be him. Roshi turns around at the last second to try and block it with his cane, but the blade cuts through it and hits him and gets stuck in his head. Afterwards, Roshi shows her his drivers license to prove its him which she then apologizes and pulls the blade out of his head causing him more pain.


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