Is holly j and fiona dating

Degrassi Episode Review: Hide and Seek

is holly j and fiona dating

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Degrassi: (Seasons 10-12)

So last episode Holly J peed herself., I LOVE surprises!

She wants me to take off my pants. Adam wants to play Truth or Dare with Fiona. He wonders whether Fiona only made out with him, because she was drunk, as Clare had more or less suggested, when he told HER.
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The God of Mediocrity strikes again sans the Chicken Dance. The plot is very straightforward: Holly J and Chantay are doing a work study program with a local government official, and have been putting together a pitch on how to get teens active in voting. Throughout the episode her symptoms get progressively worse. It goes from the standard symptoms of a sore throat, vomiting, feeling tired, etc. However, in the scope of things I know this is a plot that, despite finally getting its act together at the end, is one that I have no interest in watching again.

Degrassi: The Next Generation is a Canadian television show which follows students in middle and high school.


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