Girl meets world fanfiction maya and lucas dating

girl meets world fanfiction maya and lucas dating
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World of Gumball Parody: Nicole Watterson Selfcest (by Manyakis)

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Lucas and Maya are at the park on their third date. The two are just sitting on the bench enjoying each other company. Unknown to then someone was watching them behind a bush.
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A brunette and a blonde walked the halls of John Quincy High School., Corey Matthews was sitting at the table going over the next day's class work.

Cory started to write 'Belgium ' on the board before he turned and waited with his hands clasped in front of him. - I hope you like it.

Everyone went away for a date night. They were the last ones to leave the house for their "Oh so romantic date night", and they somehow manage to lock us in. Now here I am fighting with Lucas for the fifth time tonight about which movie to watch. You would think in this big house they would have a collection of movies. But noooo they had to take their movies with them to date night and leave two movies! Lucas quirks up his eyebrows with a cute smirk.

I love the characters, but if I make them seem OOC especially Farkle then you guys can give me some critique on how I can make them seem more like the actual characters I feel like I'm gonna suck writing Farkle. It's a Lucaya and Riarkle fanfiction, but it starts out with Rucas and Smarkle because every ship deserves a chance. Maya groaned, burying her head into her pillow.


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