High and tight circumcision

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high and tight circumcision
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Circumcision as an adult, part 2.
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Circumcision Styles

Story by Edward Venegas. - This page illustrates some of the different styles of circumcision.

A circumcision that is too loose may not leave the glans completely uncovered - it will, in other words, be a partial circumcision. This is not in itself a problem but it may not meet parental or religious expectations. However there is one important exception. If the scar can mobilise in front of the corona then it will always shrink and create a secondary phimosis. This requires recircumcision. If a partial circumcision is deliberately chosen then the best approach is the remove the inner foreskin completely, so that the scar is in the sulcus. At puberty the penis will usually outgrow the skin and leave the glans exposed.



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    I have decided to get circumcised in a few weeks for personal preference but am unsure what style i should get?

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