Alejandro and heather fanfiction


alejandro and heather fanfiction
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aleheather fanfiction

As stated in the previous installation, there is always something behind the truth., A kiss is something that can ignite a flame between two people.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Aleheather Forever.

Summary: He should not have been so stupid! Succumbing to jealousy - something so incredibly foreign it made bile rise in his throat. AN: For AleHeather week. It runs through Sunday, September 22 to Saturday September The first prompt was jealous, so here it is. Ugh, I accidently posted the wrong story for yesterday and I already had so many lovely reviews, I don't want to change it.

Aleheather is the het shipping between Heather and Alejandro from the Total Drama fandom. Heather develops an attraction towards Alejandro during the beginning of Total Drama World Tour, and as the season continues, Alejandro begins to reciprocate said feelings. While most of the girls are smitten with Alejandro, Heather is the only one to be fully aware that he's manipulating them, and denies sharing any of the same kind of attraction. Both, however, respect each other for being strong competitors. Alejandro often compliments and flirts with Heather, noticeably more so than he does with other female contestants, to which Heather often responds with disgust and expresses frustration about his strategy in the game. As the season progresses, Heather begins to fall for Alejandro with much deeper feelings than the other girls, and Alejandro, in turn, starts falling for Heather.


  1. Phillipa L. says:

    Alejandro and Heather have been a couple for at least a year, and lately things have been both good and bad.

  2. Emily S. says:

    Summary: After all of this time, they still stuck together.

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