Love and other drugs anne hathaway scene

Jake Gyllenhaal Uses Sports Metaphor To Describe Sex Scenes With Anne Hathaway

love and other drugs anne hathaway scene
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No wonder Taylor Swift is in love with Jake Gyllenhaal he's the sweetest guy ever!, Jake Gyllenhaal is making the press rounds to promote his upcoming movie " Love and Other Drugs " -- and he may break some sort of record for sex-related sports metaphors in the process.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway talk Love & Other Drugs

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Love and Other Drugs (2010) Film Review

The invitation to meet Cosmo's crush 1, Jake Gyllenhaal and the equally enchanting actress Anne Hathaway was a fantasy realised but when the time came they managed to live up to our expectations; both charismatic, charming and impossibly eye-pleasing. Are they intentionally trying to shake up the usually fluffy romcom formula? While there are plenty of laughs it's the real-life issues the film addresses that makes their performances memorable. Anne plays Maggie, a talented artist suffering from the degenerative disorder Parkinson's, whilst Jake's Jamie is a charming, though morally wayward drug rep for Viagra which he trials himself in the flick, with humorous effect. So was there any method acting involved?

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