Steven universe jasper and lapis

The Trauma and Triumph of Lapis Lazuli in ‘Steven Universe’

steven universe jasper and lapis
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Jasper and Lapis Lazuli-Steven Universe-by CobatsArt

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Her gem is lodged in a mirror in the midst of a war on Earth, a planet far from her own. And that is what we, the audience, see at first: a mirror, a stone, lying in the sand.

Malachite is the fusion of Jasper and Lapis Lazuli. She made her debut in "Jail Break". After being fused for several months, she is finally defeated by Alexandrite.
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These two are really bad for each other. Malachite was formed through extortion and deception, and held together out of revenge. Malachite is the worst relationship imaginable.

So she decided to take a prisoner for herself. They were literally right next to the ocean! Just so she could torture her! The mission was completely personal for Jasper! The most Jasper ever did to Lapis was pull her by the forearm, and that was only to get her closer to her. Lapis herself had even realized the damage she had done to Jasper mentally. When she came back, she was clearly suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.


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