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Jake Gyllenhaal Talks Going NUDE In 'Love & Other Drugs' (PHOTOS)

love and other drugs nude
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Anne Hathaway - Sex Scenes, Topless, Moaning - Love and Other Drugs (2010)

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Anne Hathaway confessed she was a crying wreck when taking it all off for her role in Love and Other Drugs with Jake Gyllenhaal , but according to her costar, who catches a glimpse of her hot bod in the film, Annie's got nada to feel bad about. You don't expect when you sign on to any job that your first day on set is going to be one of Anne Hathaway taking off all her clothes and saying, 'Here I am! I can only imagine what she's dealing with," Gad said.

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In the film 'Love & Other Drugs' (on Blu-ray/DVD), Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal spend a lot of time in the buff. Anne didn't find performing nude particularly brave since she had so much fun making the film. You are supposed to be nude on the Love And Other Drugs poster and.
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A money and ego driven drug rep Jake Gyllenhaal and a free-spirited artist Anne Hathaway are two people who had not previously allowed themselves to be tied down. However, when they meet their relationship takes them both by surprise, and they find themselves wanting more out of life, love and each other. Directed by Edward Zwick.

Anne Hathaway has declared that she spent a lot of time preparing to film a nude scene for her latest movie Love And Other Drugs. The Oscar nominee told Entertainment Weekly that her own body image issues made the idea of appearing naked on screen seem daunting. Hathaway further remarked that her preparations for the big screen nudity proved to be for naught when she arrived on the set. I'm going to do everything properly, disrobe at the last minute, and in between shots get the clothes back on'.

Edward Zwick doesn't so much make movies and TV shows as he stuffs them, after the fashion of someone stuffing a sofa, or a turkey. Co-creator of the generationally flavored TV series "thirtysomething" and "Once and Again," and director of "Glory," "Legends of the Fall," "The Last Samurai" and a half-dozen other features, Zwick is an unabashed maximalist who tries to pack in more melodrama, more dialogue, more gags and more hit-you-over-the-head message delivery per minute than anyone else in Hollywood. See one Zwick movie and, for better or worse, you'll feel like you've seen three. Even if we start with the premise that Zwick is the leading figure in the unfashionable but not-quite-defeated Dickensian media tradition that includes James L. Brooks and Oliver Stone, his new movie "Love and Other Drugs" is quite a mishmash of competing flavors. I mean that almost entirely in a good way.


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    Anne Hathaway leaves virtually nothing to the imagination in nude scenes in her new movie “Love & Other Drugs,” according to newly released movie stills and a clip from the film. Gyllenhaal, 29, and Hathaway, 28, will appear in the nude for about 65 percent of their time on-screen.

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