Nudist husband and wife

Naturist wives and husbands

nudist husband and wife
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My wife does not consider herself a nudist. Her personal interpretation of a “ nudist” is someone who prefers to be naked in most situations and.
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A husband and wife in the woods at a nudist camp, N.J. 1963

By Ron Mount News of the World, April 26, Ive just been talking to three of the most incredible The advertiser was year-old Charles Tom Song people Ive ever met: who lives with his wife and four children in a large house in Dyar Terrace, Winnington, Northwich, The chief welfare ocer of one of Londons biggest Cheshire. The married couple spoke of their love life diculties and the fact that they called in the hypnotist to help. The husband alleged that his wife lacked passion.

A husband and wife in the woods at a nudist camp, N.J., 1963

Her father-in-law saw no problem with walking around naked. There are no doubt some lucky souls who have brilliant relationships with their in-laws. But every once in a while, a story comes along which is so bizarre, that it will make you feel grateful for your lot in life.

Dear Prudence, My wife of more than 10 years has always been a bit of a nudist. Nothing public, but around the house and our pool and out in the boat she likes to be in the buff. Our son is now 6 years old and my daughter is 3. My children are being raised in the nude, the same way my wife was raised.

LET'S face it - heading over to your in-laws for a weekend or even just an afternoon is enough to fill most couples with dread. However, one woman had more reason than most to instantly regret signing up to a overnight visit at her husband's parent's home after discovering her father-in-law is a nudist. This was the first time I've stayed with them at their house. Although things were going fine at first, the woman was horrified to stumble upon her father-in-law naked in the living room when she returned home with her husband one night. She wrote: "I saw him watching TV without his clothes on when I came home from dinner with my husband. He can't even wear a towel.


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    I Took My Husband To A 'Clothing Optional' Resort? | Prevention

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    Dear Prudence: How do I stop my nudist wife from raising two naked children? | National Post

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