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I Fucked You and Your Mom

i fuck you and your mother
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Sitting in a therapist's lately, we went over the abysmal state of my life. When the subject of my parents came up, I explained that, though I didn't feel like I'd ever truly connected with them, I didn't want to complain when, clearly, so many of my problems were my fault. My therapist said their lives sounded a lot like mine, that those with low self-esteem me often live lives preventing them from being happy, and what better model to follow than one I know works? When I thought about this later, it began making sense, so I drew two lines on a piece of paper, one plotting my parents' lives since my birth and one plotting mine since I left their house, and both looked exactly the same. When I went back, I asked my therapist, "If this is actually true, how can I break out? At the time of my birth in , my parents lived in a one-bedroom flat.


  1. Harry P. says:

    Emotional Intelligence Main page on emotionally abusive mothers.

  2. Perfecto V. says:

    When backed into a corner, this phrase functions much in the same way as the phrase, "fuck you and the horse you rode in on". Taking a more.

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    You may use "fuck Your Mother" when your in a really deep conversation and out of know where you say "fuck your mother" super fast and then you say "did you.

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