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Kataang relationship in adolescence/Adulthood

aang and katara sex
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Mr. and Mrs. Avatar (Part 4 - The Wedding Night) (NSFW)

I'll Take Away Your Pain. By: Light-Eco-Sage.

katara and Aang first sex. This story takes place when katara and Aang are seventeen. For MA: I do not own anything. Katara and aang went.
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She stood up on her two feet strongly, but she could feel her knees were wobbly., So, this is my first Kataang one-shot, with lots of lemon and delicious romance stuff.

It contains sex. Sex, sex, sex. But I tried to keep classy and avoid words that Aang wouldn't use. This story is in his POV. Let me know how I did.

You could tell from her face that she wanted to. After a minuet of thinking, Aang looked into Katara's eyes and asked her, "Katara, what did Sokka mean by 'I don't want her to get hurt again '? It was getting dark outside and Katara was getting tired.


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    Katara and aang went out for a picnic just outside of Ba Sing Sei as a date.

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    Kataang relationship in adolescence/Adulthood | Avatar Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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    I'll Take Away Your Pain - Chapter 1, Avatar The Last Airbender Fan Fiction | MediaMiner

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